What Is WIN?

Our vision is a media industry in which women and men are equal. Equal in the way they are portrayed in news content and equal in their professional roles and treatment in the newsroom.

We promote gender equality by working with media organisations and media professionals to increase gender balance in news content, in newsrooms and in management structures. We give media professionals the mechanisms to achieve this through customized skills training, coaching, networking, advocacy, education and the development of practical tools and resources. Gender balance will only be achieved when all actors in the sector understand the problem and commit to solving it, so WIN engages both men and women from senior management through to newsroom staff and journalism students. 

The WIN programme advocates for an equal media industry in 15 countries across two regions; Sub Saharan Africa: Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, and in the Arab Region: Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. WIN is also active in a more limited capacity in Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam, with plans to expand in 2020.

WIN pursues a range of outcomes and talks to distinct audience groups as part of our effort to bring about gender equality in the news media industry. But those audiences and outcomes are connected – when change happens for one it can impact the entire industry. 

To support our targets, WIN has been separated into 4 distinct, yet mutually Supporting Programmes:

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WIN Leadership Accelerator is an intensive, 9-month long career and leadership programme for journalists and editors. The programme accepts 100 applicants, annually.  The Accelerator delivers targeted training in media management and practical newsroom skills, alongside intensive one-on-one coaching, mentoring and networking. 

WIN Future Leaders is designed to give aspiring journalists a head start in the media industry. Core activities of this progamme include leadership and media management training, career coaching, mentoring and networking, all delivered to journalism students by WIN Accelerator Alumnae. 

WIN Advisory delivers bespoke, in-house training and coaching on diversity and inclusion as well as media management topics to help media partners change their organisational cultures and improve operational performance. 

WIN Insights, the research and advocacy arm of WIN, aims to mobilize local advocacy and generate a global dialogue on gender equality and social impact issues through inclusive research, innovative tools, and lobbying and awareness raising. 

For more information: Melanie Walker, melanie.walker@wan-ifra.org

WIN AR Inquiries: Fatemah Farag, fatemah.farag@womeninnews.org

WIN Africa Inquiries: Tikhala Chibwana, tikhala.chibwana@womeninnews.org