What Is WIN?

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Women in News (WIN) aims to increase women’s leadership and voices in the news. It does so by equipping women journalists and editors with the skills, strategies, and support networks to take on greater leadership positions within their media. In parallel, WIN partners with media organisations to identify industry-led solutions to close the gender gap in their newsrooms, boardrooms and in the content they produce.

WIN is currently working with more than 80 media from 12 countries throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East including: Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Somalia, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe (WIN Africa) and  Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine (WIN MENA). 

WIN Southeast Asia launched in early 2018, click here to learn more. 

WIN Capacity Building: Breaking through barriers

Per year, a total of 50 mid-to-senior level editors or senior journalists from Sub-Saharan Africa, and 30 mid-to-senior level editors or senior journalists from MENA may apply to join Women in News to progress their newsroom management, leadership and editorial skills. Women in News adopts a unique approach to capacity building, emphasising mentoring, coaching and networking in addition to traditional skills development. Reducing gender bias in the news, creating a culture of mentoring, and supporting positive social change are key thematic focus areas of the programme. WAN-IFRA encourages all WIN graduates to stay connected with WIN through the quarterly local events held in each country, creating extended professional and personal networks both national and regionally, and online.

Successful applicants to Women in News benefit from:

  1. Certified media management training
  2. One-on-one Coaching to create the 3-to-5 year career roadmap
  3. Facilitated group mentoring
  4. Mentoring future media leaders and young professionals 
  5. Media exchanges
  6. Mentoring with leading global editors
  7. Network building

WIN Advocacy: Industry-led Solutions

Change cannot happen in a vacuum. It is for this reason that WAN-IFRA engages with chief editors, publishers and CEOs to educate and sensitise top management on the gender gap in newsroom leadership and overcoming gender bias in the news. We also provide practical tools and resources that can be applied within newsrooms.

Women in News advocacy activities include:

  1. Roundtables with top management within media to sensitise the industry
  2. Practical handbooks or online tools on best practices in gender equality, reducing gender bias in the news, and safety
  3. Regional Leadership Awards to recognise outstanding women editors
  4. WIN forums at WAN-IFRA global events
  5. Gender diversity best practice resource e-centre
  6. Managing for Diversity Webinar Series

The Women in News Steering Committee – made up of leading editors and publishers from countries from WIN markets – provides guidance and support to WIN Capacity Building and Advocacy activities. 

WAN-IFRA believes that gender equality and media freedom are intrinsically linked: it is not possible to attain true media freedom without also attaining equality of voices and representation in the media. it was on this foundation that women in news was first piloted in 2010. Seven years on, women in news has expanded to 12 countries throughout africa and the middle east, and now receives more than €1,000,000 in funding annually with combined support from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. WAN-IFRA also runs Somali WIN in partnership with Fojo Media Institute and International Media Support. 

For more information contact Melanie Walker (melanie.walker@wan-ifra.org)

WIN MENA Inquiries: Fatemah Farag (fatemah.farag@womeninnews.org)

WIN Africa Inquiries: Tikhala Chibwana (tkchibwana@gmail.com)